Thursday, February 12, 2009


Im finally downloading the last Futurama Movie. The title is Futurama: Into the green yonder. I finally have it!!! Call me a dork for watching this show, I dont care. Its like one of the funniest animations ever. Too bad though because this would be the last movie and it concludes the whole series already. T_T. Aside from that, I was able to download the latest Supernatural and American Dad episodes. Thank you and This must be a good week for me.

And now for the summary of my day. Jet came to my apartment this morning to wake me up. Thank god that we're neighbors. We watched "The Maid" and "Shutter" because we rented the cd's the other day. After that we went to school. He took his exam and I met up with Marichu and Efren. After that I went to the MassCom Lab and stayed there for a while until Ralph arrived. I asked him if he wanted to join us later coz we're going to Cafe Will. He said he can't because he's busy. We jammed for a little while in the lab because there was a guitar there. We stayed at school till 6 then Jet and I went to SM to return the cd's. Since our friends we're busy and no one wanted to join us, Jet and I went to burnham to visit the fair thing. I had two shawarmas which I guess was my dinner already then we went to Cafe Will and stayed there for about two hours. Our group are regulars now at Cafe Will. Its a nice place plus I only spend 1/5 of my daily allowance there so its ok for me. Well anyway Im waiting for my download to finish then I'll go to sleep. I wonder what I'll do tomorrow aside from submit my article for the local newspaper(internship).

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