Sunday, February 15, 2009

Power Rangers

For some reason I've had this fascination with Power Rangers since New Years eve. I dont know why. I even dowloaded a couple of episodes from the very first Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Then I found out that two of my friends, Zeke and Ralph, also like power rangers. At least I have someone to talk to. ^_^.

Some of my other friends find it weird that I'm watching Power Rangers. Well when I was young, I never finished the series. I dont remember why. All I remember is, my dad bought me the complete weapon set when I was young and my mom bought me the complete morpher and dragonlaser set for my 9th birthday.

My classmate John Nicolaas told me that he has all episodes of Power Rangers because he also watches it. He told me that he's gonna give me a copy. I wonder when. Well anyway... Go Go Power Rangers. hahaha

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