Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RENT: Filmed Live on Broadway

I know I haven't updated my blog in days because I went on vacation where I dont have any direct access to internet connection. But Im back with a few tales to tell. First, for all of my avid readers, you know that I'm into theatre as well. Well, I was able to get my hands on a copy of RENT: Filmed live from broadway. The DVD was released on February 3, 2009 and thanks to the nice people on Mininova, I was able to download the whole thing.

Basically, its the very last performance of RENT which was last September 7, 2008 where even the Original Broadway Cast made an appearence at the end to sing Seasons of Love with the current cast.

I was surprised when I saw the cast of RENT because first, Tracie Thoms who played the Lesbian Lawyer Joanne in the movie also played the role in the musical. I was surprised by how well she could act on stage. Second, Eden Espinosa played Maureen Johnson for the final performance.

Here's a little trivia: The role of Maureen Johnson was originally played by Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel was the original actress for the role of Elphaba in the broadway adaptation of Wicked, a role that Eden Espinosa also played at one point in her career.

Anyway, I LOVED the film. I also loved the part where the whole cast (Original and Current) came together to sing Seasons of Love for the Encore.


Anonymous said...

Tracie's always great on stage. Graduate of Julliard and has been in a number of Broadway and Regional Theater productions.
Michael (Her Godfather)

Adam said...

Really? She's from Julliard? No wonder she's great on stage. I cant decide if she's better in the movie or stage coz both performances were awesome. LOL. Thanks for reading my blog.