Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another New Toy

I've been planning to blog about this since December '08 but for some reason I always forget to. Now is the time I guess. This was my Mom's Christmas gift to me. She made me choose between a laptop and a DSLR. Since I've had this fascination with photography, I chose the DSLR. So when I told my mom what I wanted, she faxed the order form to Canon. After a week, the package arrived. Luckily, I had chicken pox at that time so I was at home when the camera arrived. Sad part was, I couldn't use it for the first 3 days since I wasn't allowed to leave my room.

All I can say is, I love this camera. I can finally take pictures using a DSLR which has been one of my dreams since I held my first SLR Camera. And the best part is, our teacher in photography already allowed us to use digital camera's for our Photog1 class. Hooray for me.

If you wanna see the quality of the pictures taken with this camera, visit my online folio at

oh by the way, Thanks to Mr. Art Tibaldo for giving me tips and helping me improve my skills in photography. You can visit his folio's at

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