Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Night

I had an interesting night last night. After finishing the things I had to do for my Photography class, I went to Burnham Park with Marichu, Beb, Efren, and Jet. We walked around the bazaar for about 30 minutes then we ate Shawarmas. We walked for a bit more when I saw this multi-colored Jesters hat. Marichu and Jet nagged me to buy it since it looked nice on me. I think I looked ridiculous wearing it. But it was cheap so I bought the damn thing. After that we walked for a bit more then suddenly someone asked me where I bought the hat I was wearing and I told them where the shop was. Its funny I know.

While walking, we saw this mini theme park beside the bazzar so we went there. Apparently, it was a roller skating rink. I haven't used roller blades in years, though I used to go ice skating in manila from time to time. So we decided to go skating. Only Jet and I wanted to skate so we rented out skates for 30 minutes. It was scary at first coz I had t balance myself but afterwards, I was able to get the hang of it.

After skating, I bought a 1liter bottle of water coz I was thirsty as hell. Then we went to Cafe Will. In wasn't in the mood for anything so it was only Jet and Efren who ordered. There were so many people last night so we had to stay outside at first but when the couches cleared up, we transfered inside.

Now here's the interesting part, the owners of Cafe Will asked me to sing last night because I was recommended by the manager. Though there was a singer last night, they still asked me to sing. So when the singer went on break, it was my turn to sing. I sang "Crazy for you", "Your Love", and "Para sa akin". It was a great night for me. Exposure. Hahaha.

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