Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Night

Sorry if I haven't posted anything lately because I was overwhelmed with the rush of panagbenga or the Baguio Flower Festival. Hahaha. Anyway, last night I was walking around session road with my friends Ralph and Zeke when I stopped by a stall that was selling crystals and magazines. I was immeadiately drawn to the crystals. When I asked how much a raw quartz crystal was, the girl said 123php. I was shocked. The prices of the crystals were so cheap. But I didn't buy. So Ralph, Zeke and myself were talking to the owner and her daughter when I told them that I knew how to read Tarot Cards. The owner asked me how much do I charge and I said that I do it for free. So after a long conversation about crystals and tarot cards, the owner invited me to their house. I said ok. I waited for their text. It was around 12 midnight when the daughter, Chiara called me up and asked where I was and I said I was on my way home and that I was at Abanao Square. They told me to wait for me so I did. After a few minutes they arrived and we went to their house but first we had to stop by my apartment so I can get my cards. Would you believe it that of all the people in session road that day, they met me and I live a few blocks from their house. So I went to their house and did a reading for both of them. As a for of thanking me, Chiara gave me a crystal called "Celestite" or "Stone of Heaven" and Tess, her mom and owner gave me a pendant. I dont remember the exact name of the stone on the pendant but I know that the commonly used name for it would be "Luvulite".

Celestite or Stone of Heaven


Not only did I get new crystals and hone my tarot reading skills but I also made new friends. Yey for me.

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