Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ukay Ukay Frenzy

Ukay Ukay is the equivalent of Flea Markets here in the Philippines. Its a place where you can buy cheap stuff such as clothes, books, shoes, bags, etc. I decided to pass by one of the biggest ukay-ukays here in Baguio, in Bayanihan. So while I was inside I bought a couple of things I found nice. And how much did I spend? A days' worth of allowance. Hahaha. I bought two chinese jackets, three quills ( which by the way I've been looking for for 2 years), and a woodstock stuff toy.

So far these have been my latest purchases. I like wearing chinese jackets from time to time. They make me stand-out because no one else wears them here in Baguio. I bought three quills because two would be for me and one would be for my friend Zeke because he asked me to buy him one. And the woodstock stuff toy, well I have Will and Grace to thank for that.

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