Thursday, February 5, 2009

A newfound Haven in the City of Pines

Can you guess where this is? Scroll down to know more.

I've been hearing of this new Cafe in Baguio that opened last March. But since my usual coffee shops would either be Starbucks, Vocas, or Pizza Volante, I wasn't interested. Yesterday, me and four of my friends decided to have coffee and they said that we should try the new place, I was in no position to reject their invitation because I wasn't in a good mood. So we hailed a cab and the moment we got off and saw the place I was like, "Whoaaa!!!". It was a house converted into a cafe. The entrance alone was stunning. When we got inside, the place was so nice that I cannot think of words to describe it. If you're into slouching on a couch, they have a lot of them. If you prefer japanese style, they also have it. Middle eastern, European, Outdoor, Campfire, Gazeebo, Pubs...they have it all. Its unbelievable. I took a few pictures but since I used my phone, they didnt come out that detailed because it was at night. So we went back this afternoon and I made sure that I had my camera with me.

Whats nice about this place is it has a very good feel to it. The ambiance is perfectly set for every mood. They even had this place where u can pretend like your camping because of the bonfire. Its close to perfect. And to top it all off, the staff was very nice, very polite, and very accomodating. Plus, the prices are not that high. You'd expect a place like this to have prices that would sky rocket but no, the drinks and food are very affordable.

There's only one thing missing and this place would be perfect. WIFI. I asked one of the staff earlier and she said that the WIFI thing is in the works.

For those of you who are in Baguio City or plan to visit Baguio City, remember to drop by Cafe Will located at the corner of M.H. Del Pilar St. Noticable landmark would be the Ina Mansion.

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