Friday, August 5, 2011

Bacolod Trip 3: Why I Went There.

The reason I had the courage to go to Bacolod by myself is that a reader of mine is actually from there.

He said that if ever I would go to Bacolod, he would gladly tour me around.

He kept his word.

You'll get to meet him in a bit.

Two weeks before I left for Bacolod, my friend Ellaine was there on vacation with family. When she came back, she had so many stories about how great the place is.

It excited me more.

She even gave me a list of places to go and see once I'm there.

I didn't look at the list when she first gave it to me but when I was in Bacolod I took it out and I swear to god I couldn't stop laughing at three things that were there.

SM Bacolod, Robinsons, McDonalds.

Napakamot nalang ako sa ulo.

But I must say, the funniest thing she told me about the place was,

"By the way when you're there, speak to everyone in english kasi walang marunong mag-tagalog dun. Specially in SM, wala talagang marunong mag-tagalog dun. Everyone speaks in Ilonggo."

Ako naman itong medyo uto-uto naniwala ako.

So pagdating ko ng Bacolod, ini-english ko lahat ng tao pero sumasagot naman sila in tagalog.

Receptionists, waiters, cashiers, guards, salesladies, taxi drivers, jeepney drivers, tricycle drivers, lahat marunong mag-tagalog.

The whole time, I was thinking,

"I don't know where this crazy bitch went because I haven't met a single soul na hindi marunong mag-tagalog"

Ilan kaya ang SM sa Bacolod at mukhang ibang SM ang pinuntahan ng lukaret na yun.

Anyway, like I mentioned in my previous posts, I went to Bacolod for a quick vacation.

I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I had to escape from it all.

Yes dear readers, may drama akong ganun.

Shalan lang diba?

(To be continued...)

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Anonymous said...

Salamat naman at may karugtong na.... HAHA! -RJ