Friday, July 29, 2011

Bacolod Trip 2: L'Fisher Chalet

So there I was, finally in the City of Smiles. Exhausted, yes, but excited nonetheless.

It was my first time going to place where I practically don't know anyone, staying at a hotel by myself, all that shit. It felt so Bohemian of me to even be there.

I entered the hotel, it was called L'Fisher Chalet. There's an actual L'Fisher Hotel beside us. The Chalet is like an Annex, I assume anyway.

So no more words, y'all know me. I could not help myself. I took pictures like there's no tomorrow.

So when I finally got my room key, I was at the 3rd floor, I hopped on the elevator and looked for my room. I was surprised, because you don't insert the card key in the door. You swipe it. Yes, swipe it. Sosyal hahaha.

When I got to my room, I was quite surprised because it was better than what I expected. I'm cheap so I had the cheapest room booked early on, so I was expecting a crappy room with motel-like quality. I was wrong. the room was nice.

Less than 2 hours and I've managed to mess up the room.

The bathroom didn't have a tub which was kind of a downer but at least it had hot water.

TV wasn't that big but it was on Sky Cable so I was able to watch channels I don't usually get to watch at home. My cable at home sucks.

I went out that night, yes there is no rest for the wicked. But that's another story I'll be telling soon.

The next day, I managed to get up at around 9AM. The room came with free breakfast. Plated, not buffet. Bummer I know, but again, cheapest room.

Nothing special about breakfast. The waiters were friendly though. I don't get that a lot these days.

It's kinda depressing during the day because of the weather. You don't get to appreciate the beauty of the place. Take a look.

But at night, lo and behold, the true beauty of the place come's out.

It was a nice hotel and actually affordable. I stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, I spent like 2k on the hotel. Not bad right?

My only complain was the plated breakfast but that's about it. The staff were very friendly, couldn't say anything bad about them which is surprising since I find something bad to say about everyone.

I'd probably give this place a 7.5 out of 10.

Now like I said, I went out that night, also on the next day. I went all around Bacolod.

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Can you still fit an extra bed in the budget room?

Adam said...

I dont think so. Plus I think the room's capacity is only for two people so if there's three or more of you guys, I'd suggest a bigger room :D