Friday, August 26, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Trip 3: Going Around Cebu

 On our first day in Cebu, we went around a bit since our hotel was close to everything.

We went to Magellan's cross.

We went to the Sto.Nino Church.

Syempre pwede ba namang hindi ako dumaan ng SM Cebu? To kill time, we actually watched Conan here. It was a good movie.

This was in the Cathedral near Sto. Nino. This place looks magnificent at night.

The pictures dont do them any justice.

The next day, we went to the Crown Regency Hotel for the Sky Adventure. Camera's were not allowed in the rides so we bought a few. I haven't scanned them yet though :(

The ticket cost 1000php each and that's for the Edge Coaster, Skywalk, and Zipling or Wall Climbing.

Like I said, I am terribly afraid of heights. The Edge Coaster almost made me piss my shorts. Seriously.

To those who haven't tried it, the Edge Coaster is this thing that goes around the edge of the 38th floor. The only thing securing you in place is the handle your holding and the knee guard. The thing tilts to a full 90 degrees which means that when it's at its full, you're basically dangling from it looking down.

I was screaming bloody murder at this point.

Parker, unlike me, was enjoying every second of it.

The Skywalk was easy, you basically just walk around the edge of the building. There's a harness attached to you so on this anyway. The good thing about this is that you get a view of the whole island of Cebu.

Zipling and Wall Climbing. I dont really need to explain this do I? It was fun though. It was my first time.

They had other rides as well but they were expensive hehe.

Di ko keri ang price.

Those, aside from the bars at Mango, were basically the places we went to in Cebu.

Sucks I know.

I didn't like Cebu that much. I was expecting something completely different.

I felt like I was still in Manila except nagbibisaya lahat ng tao.

We stayed in Cebu for 2 days and on the 3rd day, we took a ferry going to Tagbilaran.

This is where the fun started.

(to be continued)

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