Friday, August 26, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Trip 4: Tagbilaran

It was the 21st of August and Parker and I were on our way to Tagbilaran. We took the SuperCat from Cebu. There's a reason why Parker and I were on our way to Tagbilaran on this day.

There's also a reason why we were on vacation.

It was our Anniversary on the 21st of August.

Yes dear readers, one year na kami ni Parker. =)

When we got to Tagbilaran, we went straight to the hotel.

It was called El Portal Inn and compared to the place we stayed in Cebu, El Portal was like heaven.

El Portal is was very affordable and very nice. 

The spring mattress was just heaven on my back.

They need to improve the quality of their pillows though.

At around 4pm, sinundo kami ng isang friend ni Parker na taga Tagbilaran at tinour niya kami sa city.

Dinala niya kami sa BQ Mall at kumain kami sa WOK.

In fairness and sarap ng food at ang mura.

Dinala din niya kami sa Panglao Island.

With the help of Parker's friend, we were able to hire someone on such short notice to take us around Bohol the next day.

For the rest of the evening, we were at a place called Atmosphere for some karaoke fun =)

(to be continued)

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