Friday, August 26, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Trip 1: Getting There

It was back in December 2010 when Parker surprised me with a plane ticket to Cebu for August 19-23, 2011.

The reason?

Malalaman niyo din mamaya.

I still remember he day he got the tickets.

We were talking about what to do on August.

We were checking online for affordable tickets.

We were choosing between Cebu and Palawan because we haven't been there yet.

After a few minutes he told me to check my email.

There they were.

He booked us a flight to Cebu.

Ang sweet no? Hihihi

Fast-forward to August 2011.

When I told him that our flight was at 8AM and our return flight was at 9PM, he thought I was shittin' him.

Nagulat siya nang makita ang ticket namin.

I was right. =)

Our flight was on a Friday so Thursday night palang andito na si Parker.

Nakakatuwa nga eh, pagdating na pagdating niya, ang unang bungad niya sa akin eh eto,

"Papa ang gwapo nung taxi driver na nasakyan ko!"

Haaay... ang sweet talaga ng asawa ko.

Hindi manlang nag-hi or nag-I miss you ang loko.

Anyway, yun nga, Friday morning nasa Domestic Terminal na kami ng NAIA.

I requested a window seat. I am terribly afraid of heights but for some reason I like looking out an airplane window.

At dahil ZestAir ang sasakyan namin, syempre delayed nanaman ang flight.

To pass the time, si Parker ay nanood ng Game of Thrones sa Galaxy Tab ko.

Ako naman bumili ng kape at tumambay sa smoking area.

After an hour of waiting, finally boarding na.

It was a one hour flight so while Parker dozed off every now and then, I took pictures and read a book on my Galaxy Tab.

I just love the view from above.

We arrived in Cebu a quarter past 10 in the morning.

We hailed a cab to take us to the hotel.

He said we'd have to pay 250pesos. At first I thought it was a rip off but when I realized how far the airport was from the hotel, 250 seemed to be well worth it.

We stayed at a place called Sampaguita Suites in Plaza Garcia.

I didn't take any pictures because on the outside the place looked nice but the room was not.

Chaka. As in super chaka.

When we got settled in, we took a quick nap.

(to be continued...)

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