Friday, August 5, 2011

Bacolod Trip 4: Around The City We Go


Bacolod is famous for their chicken inasal. Might I add that they do have the best inasal I've tasted. Unlike others, taste doesnt end at the chicken's skin.

Inasal from Chicken Deli which is located along Lacson Street.

Inasal from Chicken House. Their inasal here tastes so much better.
There's also this cafe located just in front of L'Fisher called Calea. Without exaggerating, they serve the biggest slices of cake I've ever seen. I ordered my favorite which is carrot cake.

It was moist yet crumbly. The icing was smooth yet grainy the first time it touches your mouth. In short, every bite was a gift from baby Jesus.

Just FYI, hindi yan platito. That's a regular plate.

Here's the best part, the slice cost 85php.

Ha! Take that you over-charging bakeshops. Y'all can suck it!

The Ruins

There's this place called 'The Ruins' which is on the outskirts of town. Takes about an hour and a half to get there by commuting. It's fun though cause you get to sight-see on the way there.

Now truth be told, I was expecting something completely different.

Because, you know, they call it 'The Ruins'. But when you get there and explore the place a bit, you actually get to appreciate the beauty of the place.


Shalan ang house. May garden sa loob.

Oh by the way, meet RJ ang isa sa pinaka loyal ata na readers ng blog ko.

It reminds me a bit of Diplomat Hotel in Baguio.

Nagyosi break ako sa may fountain.

Naka-display na sculptures. I have no idea kung bakit naka-plastic

May ganito talaga? Oh well, blog ko nga diba?

SM Bacolod

Syempre, dahil nga suggestion rin ni Ellaine na bisitahin ko ang SM Bacolod, eh pumunta ako dun.

It's not that big, probably SM Baguio and size niya. Probably.

Bacolod City Hall

Im pretty sure this was their City Hall. Well, 98% sure.

Ayan may close-up na si RJ.
Ganda ng city hall nila diba?

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Yey! ang cute ko lang jan oh... HAHAHA! - RJ

lette's haven said...

Ang sarap ng inasal, Bacolod is very known for it! Madami na Inasal restaurant pero wla pa ako natikman na outstanding ang lasa. The Ruins is really beautiful; vintage, classic and lovely. Good job in delivering these info to us :)

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