Friday, August 5, 2011

Bacolod Trip 5: A Few More Stops

Here are a few more places I went to while I was wreaking havoc in the peaceful city of Bacolod.

Funny, the one day of the week that the Museum is closed was the day we went there.

Bacolods version of 168 Mall in Divisoria

This is the gayest thing I found in Bacolod so picture picture.

Pope John Paull II Tower

I was tempted to sit on this. Seriously.
The whole time I went around Bacolod, RJ was with me. He was literally my tour guide.

On my second day in Bacolod, once we came from the City Hall, we went to RJ's house because his Mom wanted to meet me.

She prepared dinner and can I just say, she cooked the best shrimps I've ever tasted. 

I also tasted stingray/manatee for the first time. Niluto sa gata. It was so yummy.

There was also chicken inasal and also a dish made from gabi shoots. It looked like adobong sitaw, but made with gabi shoots.

His Mom was so nice. Sobrang bait and masaya siyang kausap. Napaka-jolly niya in fairness. 

I ate so much that night. Promise, lumabas ang katakawan ko hahaha.

Stupid me I forgot to take pictures while I was there.

I left RJ's house at around 9:30 or 10PM and I headed back to the hotel because my flight back to Manila was on the next day.

(To be continued...)


Anonymous said...

WHOA! Thanks friend... :) - RJ

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Just to let you know, all museums are closed on Mondays. :)