Friday, August 26, 2011

Cebu-Bohol Trip 2: The Food

Parker and I woke up in the afternoon and we were both hungry.

Seeing as we were in Cebu, I wanted to taste the infamous Lechon Cebu.

Parker called a friend of his who recommended a place called CNT.

Big mistake. Big big big mistake. The lechon was fairly affordable but it was, and I swear to God, the saltiest thing I've ever tasted.

We ordered half-a-kilo and we barely finished it. There more than half of it left. It was sooo bad. Plus they didn't have any gravy. What they offered was soy sauce.

Imagine, the saltiest lechon tapos soy sauce pa. Were we being Punk'd? Were they fucking kidding?!

Later on, I found out from a friend who lived in Cebu that CNT does have a bad reputation.

Parker and I were surprised that they had Lift. I haven't tasted Lift in almost a decade. I didn't know they were still in production.

For dinner, we went to a place called Sunburst.

Their fried chicken was to die for, so we ate here again the next day. 5 drumsticks, rice, fries and coleslaw for 200php. Not bad. Not bad at all.

It did bum me out that I wasn't able to taste the famed Lechon Cebu.

Maybe next time I'll get the chance to.

(to be continued...)

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