Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

So I've had my Galaxy Tab for about three weeks now and I've played with it so I guess I can make a review now. I won't be so technical because I dont want this post to be a mile long.


I must say its light. The size is perfect because I could put it in any of my bags and it fits in my hand perfectly. It's not too small and not too big either. The back panel is made of plastic which I kindda don't like because it feels cheap but the front panel is really nice. The glass seems sturdy enough and the touch panel is very responsive. My standards with touch screen devices are pretty high because of my iPhone and I can say that the Galaxy Tab measures up to my standards.


The display is decent enough, though the backlight dims automatically once the battery goes down to 10%. It kinnda annoys me that I have to manually adjust the brightness when that happens.

Watching movies is a joy and it only takes 2-3 seconds for a 2 hour movie to load up. HD movies look amazing on the 7-inch screen of the Galaxy Tab.

User Interface and System

The Android System is pretty new to me since this is my first Android Device and I've never used it in the past. I must say it's pretty simple to use but there are some commands that are new to me since Im used to the IOS.

The apps are nice and very easy to come by but the really nice games and apps are pretty limited. Apple obviously has more apps but I've seen apps in the Android Market that could also be found on the App Store. Overall, I'd probably give Android apps an 8 out of 10.

I like the fact that I have more freedom to play with the system of Android because Apple limits what you can do to an IOS device.

The keyboard is pretty simple but I like the added touch of SWYPE.

The built in e-book reader is a bit slow when turning pages but installing the Kindle App makes everything so much better.


The preinstalled sound and tones are pretty good compared to the ones built in to the IOS. What I particularly like is how loud the speakers are.

Battery Life

Here's something tricky. When you plug in a sim card, the device only lasts about 7 hours. Apparently fetching network data drains the battery really really fast. Without a sim card, I was able to let it last for  about 3 days with normal use such as reading, listening to music, watching a video or two, etc.

Oh here's something everyone says but I'll say it as well, switch the wi-fi off when you dont intend to use it. It saves a lot of power on the device.

Overall Impression

Overall, I's probably give it a 8 out of 10. Why so? Because of the camera. It takes good pictures under good lighting but in darker conditions, the pictures have a of of noise on them. Also, it would be better if there was an external camera button somewhere on the device.

I'm very happy with the Galaxy Tab because of how portable it is plus it has 16 gigs which can be upgraded to 36 with a 16 gig micro SD card.

Though the games are a bit on the low-end, it doesn't really matter because of my iPhone.

If you want a portable device which also works as a movie viewer, e-book reader, photo viewer, music player and much more, then the Galaxy Tab is for you.

I'd recommend it for people who would want a tablet but doesn't like lugging huge things around.


KUMAGCOW said...

Nagiisip pa ako to get this eh.. how much is it Anton? :)

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hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)