Monday, May 16, 2011

Dinner and a Bookie

I could feel a wave of heat take over me when I got out of the MRT station and the hundreds of people around Ayala was not helping. All I wanted was to get to Glorietta because I was sure it'll be cold inside the mall.

It was a Wednesday night when I found myself in the familiar streets of Makati. I was on my way to meet someone.


After almost 9 months, magkikita narin kami ulit ni Bookie.

We had been planning to meet for the longest time but our schedules, specially his, would just not permit it. Pero sa wakas, nagkita narin kami.

I met him in front of the cinema for the 7:20 showing of Scream 4. We got there just in the nick of time.

The movie was good. Madaming gulat moments. May mga tilian moments din.

I didn't tell him that I've already watched Scream 4 the week it was released. I just really wanted to see the big guy.

After the movie, we had dinner and just like before, it was at Luk Yuen.



Chicken Bento

Sesame Balls

Over dinner, we talked about work, love, life, sex, and everything else in between. I told him stories about me and Parker. He told me stories about him and Schoolboi. Natuwa naman ako sa kwento ng love story nila ni Schoolboi.

Funny, we've never met each other's partner.

After dinner, we grabbed something to drink at Coffeebean and continued our kwentuhan there.

Knowing me for almost a year and Bookie still thinks I'm a weirdo. Fair enough since I kinnda am.

He said that when he hears me talk, it reminds him of Schoolboi because we sound alike and we both sound funny when we talk in tagalog.

By 11pm it was time to leave because he had to meet Schoolboi and I had work in the morning.

It was great seeing Bookie. Namiss ko siya as in.

Sorry if medyo magulo tong post na to at hindi ako masydong nagkwento. Sa dami kasi ng pinagusapan namin, hindi ko alam kung alin dun ang pwede kong i-disclose dito. May pag enigmatic itong si Bookie eh, baka may masulat ako dito na hindi pala dapat isulat.

Better safe than sorry right?

Basta, Bookie thank you for the movie and dinner. Next one will be on me. And I'll be paying for it as well. :)

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