Monday, May 16, 2011

City of Smiles

For the longest time, I've been nagging Parker to go to Bora or Anawangin, or somewhere. The thing is, since we see each other once a month, his schedule really won't permit it.

Last week may nakilala siyang dalawang tao na bumisita sa kanila. Lumabas sila at nag inuman and before I knew it, he was calling me to say that they're going to Bora over the weekend on a whim. Promise, lahat ng dugo sa katawan ko umakyat sa ulo ko but I tried my best to stay calm dahil pagod ako galing trabaho and I wasn't in the mood to pick a fight.

Nagpost nalang ako sa fezbuk ng status para ilabas ang aking saloobin.

He knew that I was upset. He knows me well enough.

So ayun, gumora na sila sa Bora.

When Parker is on trips for either business or leisure, he barely calls or texts and I don't really expect him to contact me because I know he's either busy or having fun.

While at home, it suddenly donned on me.

"Why am I upset? Why don't I do something about it?", tanong ko sa sarili ko.

I assessed things and that's when I realized that I've missed a trip to Galera, Boracay, Ilocos, and Baguio for him because either he wouldn't give me a definite answer or he didn't wanna go.

If Parker can go on his trips without me and telling me at the last minute at any given time, then with that logic, I can do the same.

I've always wanted to travel, it's just nung naging kami ni Parker, ginusto ko sana na magkasama kaming dalawa. Who wouldn't want that diba? But enough is enough and I'm no longer gonna sit at corner waiting for when it would be convenient for him.

I've given him the freedom and privilege of travelling with his friends without consulting with me first. Naiintindihan ko naman na he has his life with them. It's time that I have mine.

So I called my friend in Bacolod at sinabi ko sa kanya na pupunta ako dun sa July. Nagkataon na ang dates ng pagpunta ko dun, off niya so pwede niya akong i-tour.

"Ano naman ang nakain mo at gusto mong pumunta dito?", tanong niya.

"Trip ko lang", sagot ko.

"Kasama mo si Parker?"


"Pano kung di ka niya payagan"

"I don't think he will. He owe's me that much.", sagot ko sabay tawa.

"Ah ok. Sige update mo nalang ako."

Why Bacolod? First, I promised my friend na bibisita ako dun. Second, when I was young, the first place that I can remember na pinuntahan ni Mama was Bacolod.

Why July? That's the month I get regularized for my new position. So parang treat ko narin yun sa sarili ko. I need a quick break dahil lagi akong busy sa work and a short vacation to a place I've never been to should be good for me.

I've already told Parker about my plans of going to Bacolod on July. He seems okay with it. If you'd ask me, I think okay narin yung ganito para at least wala nang away. I don't have to argue with him anymore.

Kung gusto niyang gumala with his friends, bakit ko naman siya pagbabawalan? I know how much he loves travelling and I know that he also needs the break every now and then dahil busy din siya sa work.

If theres one thing I've learned from all of this, it's that I don't have to place my life on hold anymore. Parker and I will have our trips together, I'm pretty sure about that but it doesn't mean that we can't have a few side trips of our own.

Gaya ng madalas niyang sabihin pag nagtatampo ako, ako ang buhay niya at siya ang buhay ko but we also have to grow. He has his life there and I have mine here and somewhere in between that we have a world of our own just for the both of us.

I guess it just took me a while to understand what he meant by that.

Basta ako, I'm happy. I've got a great job, great friends and a great boyfriend.

So prepare. By July, adamsplanet will be invading Bacolod.


If I have readers in Bacolod, I'd want to meet you guys. :)

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Anonymous said...

and i am looking forward to meeting you when you visit annawangin cove, barangay pundakit, san antonio, zambales.

ayan ha.. exact location. :)