Monday, June 8, 2009

Why is it so hot?

I just arrived. I spent the whole morning at the Land Transportation Office getting my drivers license renewed. The process itself is quick, I just signed a few documents, got a drug test and medical test. The drug test almost cost as much as my license. Hahaha. The reason it took my all morning was because of the long line. There were so many people applying for a drivers license.

After that I went home to rest and eat lunch. I left at around 2pm and went to my insurance company's office to pay my insurance bill. I pay annually so that I dont have to worry about it every month. It was a lot easier when I was working because it was automatically taken out of my salary, now that I dont work anymore I have to haul my ass to their office. My only complain about today is that it was so hot this afternoon that I hopped into the shower the moment I got home.

Im back in the house and I'll be playing MU for the next few hours.

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