Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taylor The Latte Boy's Response + Lyrics

This is "Taylor's response" to Kristin's song. I dont know who sang this or who wrote the lyrics for it but its more hilarious and its mean. The only thing is, the girl's name here is not Kristin, its Carol.

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Taylor The Latte Boy's Response Lyrics

There's a girl who comes to Starbucks
and i think she has a crush on me
I can tell she has a crush on me
thats too big to ignore
she comes in here every morning
at exactly 8:11
when the clock says 8:11
she comes walking through the door

then one fateful monday morning
as she made her usual entrance
i could tell that she was nervous and she has something to say

and i smoothly flipped the lever
to prepare her double latte
and she said her name was Carol
and i came back with "hey"
and i said my name was Taylor
and here's a little extra foam
as she left i cleaned her table
and i found a folded napkin with this poem:

Taylor the Latte Boy
bring me Java bring me joy
oh, Taylor the latte boy
i love him
i love him
i love him

so i should have got my nerve up
and just said i wasn't interested
but since she was clearly interested
it all got out of hand

cause before i found her poem
we had had this coversation
i had told i was playin
in the village with my band

when i walked in friday evening
to our gig in Arthurs basement
i saw carol in the front row
and i heard her scream my name

then my friend said man she's crazy
she's been here since 7:30
and she told me she's your girlfriend
and she's really glad she came
and then when our gig was over she followed me the whole way home
as I ran to try and lose her
i composed another version of her poem

Carol The Stalker Chick
your a psycho and you are sick
oh, carol the stalker chick
you scare me
you scare me
you scare me

I used to be the kind of guy
who never was rude or doubting
but now i've got this lunatic freak in my life
every night now at my window she's shouting

Taylor! the latte boy!
go away im not your toy!
Taylor the latte boy
is calling
is calling
the police

many a girl has let me court her
but i've never needed a restraining order
Carol! come find me now
i'm tranferring to a new starbucks
there's 20 on each block
so gooooooooooood luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam
The reason that the girl is named Carol in this song instead of Kristen:

The composer of the original "Taylor the Latte Boy" song used the name Carol, but most singers substitute their own name when they perform it. You'll have heard Kristen Chenoweth singing it, and she sings "My name is Kristen" instead of Carol.
Singers who have more than two syllables in their name find it a little more challenging!
Sara x

Joel said...

Surely they find it a *latte* more challenging :P

Anonymous said...

I saw a performance where they said "Screw you bitch I'm not your toy" and "girl" instead of "man she's crazy" to make Taylor gay and it was hilarious, best performance on YouTube! I recommend it, look under Who I'll Be as a tag. Oh, they also changed "court her" to "serve her" and used finger quotations around "girlfriend" haha!

Anonymous said...

i love this so much but there is alot of spelling errors.