Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday for me

I just came from the grocery store. I haven't done that in a long time so it felt weird for me in a way. Im stocking up on food since Im going back to Baguio this friday. Right now Im fixing my iPod. I had to restore my iPod to its original settings so now its clean,all of my songs and videos are gone. Too bad. Im gonna have to load them all again.

I'll be setting up my mom's computer in a bit. Its actually my old computer but she upgraded it and bought a flat-screen monitor for it. She also bought me an All-In-One Canon Pixma MP198 printer. Its a great printer but its really bulky so Im still trying to figure out how to bring it to Baguio.

Me and my mom are certified Canon users. From Cameras (my point & shoot and my DSLR and every digital camera she's ever had) to printers. When my mom first bought a PC over 9 years ago, our printer then was Canon BJC-265sp and even though its been 9 years we still keep the old thing. Even my mom's printer is Canon but i dont remember the model, she bought it a few months ago.

My new printer:

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