Friday, June 5, 2009

Driving through MY memory lane

So I decided to sort through old pictures on my hard drive when I found pictures of me and two of my good friends from college. We've parted ways and even though we dont see each other in person anymore, I try to chat with them online whenever I get the chance. These are people who have actually changed my life.


Brown (Mr. Brown as everyone calls him) was my Korean friend back in college. We were classmates since I was in first year but we only became close 2 or 3 years ago when we became seat mates in our Magazine Writing class. He's a really cool guy and he downloaded almost all of the episodes of Will and Grace, something that I will always be grateful for. He's been a really good friend to me, he's been there through the ups and downs and all tha and he is very generous to his friends. He also has a great sense of humor which I think he gets from watching MadTV all the time. He has the sense of humor of an American and thats whats sogreat about him. One thing I will always remember about Brown is how much he loved eating rice cakes which is a delicacy here in the Philippines. He's back in Korea now, last time I spoke to him was in March ( I think). He doesnt go online that often anymore.


Finally a face to the name. This is my bestfriend. The eternal romantic. Jacky. We've been best friends for 5 years and in that 5 years we have been through so much that you wouldn't believe it. But despite all that, our bond has remained as strong as ever. She is the one person who I know that can judge me because no one knows me as well as she does. Our relationship has no boundaries. I mean that in every possible way. When it comes to love, I admire her because no matter how many heart aches she has been through, she still believes in happy ever afters, thus becoming the eternal romantic. I may not thank her all the time for always being there for me but I know that I dont have to tell her that because she already knows how grateful I am. She tries to understand me even if I can be irrational at times, I may not remember every good thing she did for me in the past but there is one thing she did for me which I will never forget. Thats when I transfered to another university and she transfered to because of this deal that we had. It was a huge sacrifice on her part but she still did it. Isn't she great or what?!

Jacky, Brown, and I were good friends. Brown also transfered schools with us. Brown and I had a nickname for Jacky. He called her "White Bitch" and I called her "the white bitch of the north". Jacky in return called me an ass and a jerk. But despite the daily name calling, arguments and all, we were the best of friends through the good times and the bad.

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