Monday, November 19, 2012

KUSÊ: Traditional Filipino Cuisine

During my last week at our QC office, Derek and I went out for lunch like we always do. We were walking around Centris looking for a place to eat when we saw that a new restaurant opened where Clawdaddy's used to be.

KUSÊ: Traditional Filipino Cuisine.

Derek likes Filipino food and we've eaten at every restaurant in Centris so we tried this place because it was new.

Since smoking is essential to my every meal, we sat at one of the tables outside. In fairness, the chairs we're comfy.

While going through the menu, we had to ask the most important question.

How many people can one order feed?

The waiter said the food was good for two people. That worried us a bit because, Derek with his thin frame and all, can actually eat more than me.

We ordered Adobo Rice. It tasted good. I finished most of it.

When the food arrived, we saw how big the servings were. It''ll probably feed two people but not me and Derek.

Derek ordered ribs which he said tasted good. I didn't try them but I trust his taste in food.

He looks grumpy in this photo. I don't know why. He must have been hungry.

I ordered Bagnet which honestly tasted like Lechon Kawali. It tasted okay, as Lechon Kawali. I'm from Ilocos so I know what Bagnet should taste like. Nevertheless, it was okay.

I think the entire meal, including our drinks, came up to around 600 pesos. Not bad I guess.

It was a good meal. It wasn't the best but I wouldn't mind going back there. I just wish they'd make the servings a bit bigger because there are other resto's in Centris that would serve more for the same amount. Just saying.

Verdict: 3.5 stars.

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