Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Gift

Ever year since I started working, I promised myself that I would buy myself a gift every Christmas but it has to be something I would use.

Two years ago, I bought an external drive because i've always wanted one. Simple joys. Last year, I bought a Blackberry 9360, which is now being used by my mom since I already have my S3 and a Blackberry Torch (company issued).

This year, I wanted something big. Something that I would really use. Something I can maximize. At first, I was planning to buy the Nexus 10 but my mom gave me an iPad so I decided to buy myself a nice TV for Christmas.

I chose this brand because my good friend, Ryan, said that its a nice brand but not too expensive. He said good things about the brand, he could be a product endorser. I then noticed that several of my other friends used the same brand, Devant.

I then checked online to read reviews and stuff. Seems decent enough and just within my budget.

So I went around malls until I ended up in Ansons Trinoma. Since it's Christmas and all that shit, everything was on sale so I looked around until I found it, a 39'' LCD TV and it was on sale for P21,940.

Because of my kuripot ways, I asked the salesman if there was any way to lower the price. Christmas and all. Yes, I used the it's-christmas-and-you're-suppose-to-give-discounts card.

He said he could lower the price if I didn't take the DVD player. I don't need it since I have my Verbatim Media Station and the TV had a USB slot to play media files from external drives or flash drives.

A little bit more of haggling here and there, I eventually got it down to P19,500. That's a fucking steal for a 39'' TV.

So I paid for it and I was on my merry way.

It was kind of a bitch taking it back home because it came in this big ass box so taking it up to my room was not easy.

But I managed to get it up and assemble it.

I first tested the HD-est movie I have which is a 1080p copy of Avatar and it looked amazing. I was so happy. I have simple joys, really.

I had to work out a way to fit my media player and xbox without obstructing the TV's sensor. It took me a while but I managed to. It looks cleaner now compared to the picture above with all the wires everywhere.

I was happy with what I bought because I don't really spend that much on appliances/ gadgets. As my friends and readers know, most of my gadgets are gifts from my mom. My xbox was kind of a birthday gift from my bestfriend, Derek.

What really made me happy was that this time, I bought something I could use for a long time. When I get home after a long day from work, I look at the TV and it reminds me that I bought it with my money. Money that I worked hard for and that makes the damn thing more special to me. :)

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