Sunday, December 2, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

It was early in the morning when my mom woke me up. She knew I had work that day.

After several minutes of trying to wake me up, I finally got up to check my phone for any emails or stuff. She lay down on my bed while I was checking my phone.

"Were you able to download the movies?" she asked.

"Yeah. The video is fine but the audio isn't. It doesn't have any sound."

"So what will you do about it?"

"I'm downloading another copy. Hopefully it works", I answered.

A few weeks ago, she asked me to download some movies to put in her iPad which I did but I didn't know that the VLC app for the iPad doesn't support certain audio codecs.

"Too bad I wasn't able to test it before you arrived. I don't have an iPad eh", I said.

"Yeah" my mom answered.


"What?" she asked.

"I dont want a TV for christmas anymore. Buy me a tablet nalang."

"What?! You already have your Galaxy Tab. Besides, I thought you wanted a TV?!"

"I'll just buy the TV as a christmas gift to myself. That I can afford. I can't afford a tablet. You can."

"And what makes you think I'm gonna buy you one?" she asked.

"Kasi you love me" I answered with a smile.

She laughed.

"Why, what tablet do you want?" 

"Either the Galaxy Note 10.1 or an iPad 3." 

"How much does the Note 10.1 cost?", she asked

I went to my computer and checked prices online and I showed it to her.

"I'm going to SM North later. I'll look around and see how much they cost there", she said.

My face lit up. 

"I'm not saying that I'm gonna buy you one. Basta I'm going to check how much they cost there then I'll think about it", she teasingly said.

I laughed. I took a shower and left for work.

At a quarter before 10, I was going through some emails at work when my phone started ringing.

It was my mom.

"I'm on my way to SM. Where is PowerMac?"

"Annex. I think it's on the 4th floor."

"Oh okay. I will check the Note 10.1 and I'll see if they have the iPad 3 in stock. But between the two, which do you really prefer?", she asked.

"Well I like the Note 10.1 because of the S-Pen plus I know where to get free apps for it. But I like the iPad because I'd have more use for it and Apple has a wider selection when it comes to apps. But both will serve the same purpose for me anyway. So you will buy me one na?"

"I did not say that. Basta I said I'm gonna go check how much they cost", she answered with a laugh.

So my mom arrived at SM and I went back to work.

After about 30 minutes, I saw this posted on my mom's FB wall:

"Someone's going to come home very happy"

And I was tagged in it.

I immediately grabbed my phone and called her up.

"Yes?" she said.

"I saw your FB post." 

"And?" she asked.

"What did you do?!"

"Secret", she answered.

"What did you do nga?" I insisted even though I knew the answer.

"I got married", she said with a laugh.

"No you didn't!"

"Fine. I got you your tablet na."

"Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes I did", she said sheepishly.

"Note 10.1 or iPad?" 

"Secret. Basta I got you one na."

I started nagging her until she caved in and told me she got an iPad.

"Yey!!! Thank you Ma!" I exclaimed.

"O wala ka nang masasabi ah. You wont't find another mother like me. I give you everything you want. I swear, with you it's like I have a dozen kids with what I spend."

"Eh I bring you joy naman ah"

She laughed at what I said.

A few minutes later, she posted this on my wall with the caption, "happy?":

Yes I was. Very very happy.

Thank you for the wonderful gift Ma. I love it, I really do.

You spoil me even though I'm all grown up.

Love you :D


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I know!!!

Iyah Love said...

what a cool mommy!! :D a rich one too!! hehehe!!

Adam said...

Haha yeah. She spoils me waaay too much. But I'm not complaining :p