Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ma!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my INSANEly gorgeous mother. I am blessed and very lucky to have a mother like you who accepts me for who I am. I am not the perfect son and we both know I have done a lot of things in the past to disappoint you but you never gave up on me and you always gave me another chance.

You are the one I would run to when things fall apart and you would help me pick up the pieces until I get back on track. We both know there are times when you drive me crazy but as a mother you have the right to do so and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am who I am today because you taught me how to be strong, to not let the things that hold me down be an obstacle. You are the coolest mom in the world because you are my mother and my bestfriend at the same time. I always say that you are crazy and there is truth to that because you kinda are but that's why I love you because there is no dull moment when you are around (except when you've just woken up. If you haven't had your coffee, I'm staying 10ft away from you) :D

Happy Birthday Mama. Love you ♥

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