Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Gift For Myself

For some time now, I have been thinking of what to give myself for Christmas. I've been thinking hard of what I want but I couldn't decide. I was thinking of buying a Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro pero aanhin ko naman ang bagong phone? I already have my iPhone 4 and I am perfectly happy with it.

Naisip ko din ang damit. Pero paglulumaan ko lang.

Gym membership renewal? Then I realized, sino ang niloko ko? I gain more weight when I go to the gym.

Out of town trip just for myself? Peak season so kamahalan lahat, hindi ko rin maeenjoy.

A set of books? I haven't even finished the book I started reading last month.

A new gadget? Pagsasawaan ko din.

Then I remembered I've always wanted an external hard drive. I never bought one kasi I converted my old 160 gig 3.5 hard disk into an external one. When I was studying, my mom wouldn't buy me one kasi I don't need 500 gigs worth of storage daw. Parang hindi ako kilala ng nanay ko ah?! Mother, hello?

So I went to Cyberzone to canvass for one. After about an hour, I finally came across a shop that was selling one which was cheaper compared to the other shops yet it's the same brand and model.

I called Parker and asked him kung mura na yun for 500gigs. Sabi niya pumunta nalang daw ako ng Gilmore kasi mas mura daw ng konti dun. Eh ayoko namang bumiyahe pa just to save 200 or 300 pesos which I'm sure ipang tataxi ko din lang. Kaya ayan, I already bought myself a gift for this year.

At dahil OC ako at saksakan ng kaartehan, bumili ako ng faux-leather case nung nasa CD-R King ako. My oddly shaped external drive fits perfectly in the case that I bought.

Naaliw ako kasi may lalagyan yung cable niya. Yun kasi yung concern ko nung una dahil baka wala akong pag lagyan nung cable eh mawala ko pa. Alam nyo naman ako, saksakan ng pagka burara minsan which I think defeats the purpose of me being OC.

Apparently, Parker thought na may portable drive na ako noon pa. I find that strange considering he's been through all of my stuff and has turned my room upside down already. He said that had he known that I've always wanted one, he should have just bought me one in Thailand kasi it's super cheap daw dun kasi dun daw niya binili yung sa kanya.

Eh hindi naman kasi siya nagtanong. Hindi ko rin naman kasi naisip na mura dun. While talking on Skype, I showed him the portable drive and the case. He said that I look like a 1st grader who has just been given a new box of crayons hahaha.

Anyway, I'll spend the whole night transferring files. Thank God it's my rest day tomorrow.

Happy happy happy.

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Anonymous said...

money well spent!