Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Gift from Gregory

For Christmas, Gregory got me an iPad case. This wasn't the gift he really wanted to get me but he knew that I really wanted one.

It's actually a funny story (to me anyway) how I ended up getting one.

Originally, it was Derek who was suppose to give me this case because I told him it's what I wanted. He went to every shop in Megamall that sold iPad cases and none of them had this specific model.

It's the Ozaki iCoat Travel Hard Case with a Y-Hard Cover.

The problem was, I told him specifically what design and model I wanted so Derek had a hard time finding it.

"I'd like to take a moment to say how much of a pain it is to buy gifts for you" was exactly what he said to me.

So I told him not to get me the case anymore. I'll just buy it for myself. He said he's gonna give me something nice nalang daw.

So last Friday, I was planning to buy the case but I wanted to make sure that if I go to Power Mac, they would have one in stock. It was around lunch time when I called up their brances in Trinoma, Megamall, SM North and Greenbelt. None of them had the case in stock.

At around the same time, I was texting Gregory bitching that I wanted to buy the case but none of the Power Mac shops had it.

I didn't know that he was at the Podium that time getting a haircut.

"If you want, I can go check here. There's a Power Mac here." he said.

"Okay. Just let me know how much it is."

I sent him an MMS of how the case looks like.

He said that they had them at the Podium and asked me what design I wanted.

I told him to pick a nice one except for Sydney, Paris or Taipei and I was just going to pay him back.

"No, don't pay me back na. This will be my Christmas gift to you."

Ang sweet lang. Kinilig ang fats ko.

It was a choice between the London (blue) and Beijing (red). I told him to pick and surprise me nalang.

He got me the London design.

We met up that night because it was the birthday of one of his friends.

He gave me the case when we were on our way home.

It's so nice. I love it.

Thank you my bunny, Gregory, for the case. I love it. But I love you more. Eeeeee... hanglandee lang hihi

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