Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blackberry 9360

This year, I didn't know what to buy for myself for Christmas until I saw this phone and realized how much my current blackberry sucks.

I had another Blackberry in mind but it's really expensive and I knew that 6 months tops, I'd get bored with it. So I decided to buy this model because its really nice.

This is the very first major purchase I've done. My gadgets normally come from my mom but this time I wanted to buy something for myself para makita ko naman kung saan pumupunta pera ko.

Lo and behold, the Blackberry 9360. This is by far the thinnest phone I've ever had. It's so shiny. =)

It comes with the typical accessories. Charger, USB Cable, Headset. You get the idea. It doesn't come with a disc for the Blackberry Desktop Manager so you need to download it from their website.

I love the camera on this phone. It's 5 megapixels of pure deliciousness. I was debating between this and the Blackberry Torch (9800) but in the end, I really considered the camera.

The camera on the Blackberry 9360 is far better than the Torch's. Plus, the thin-factor.

I now have 4 Blackberries, all of which are still fully functional. My friends say that I'm crazy because I have so many phones. They call it crazy, I call it having a back up just in case.

8830, 8320, 8520, 9360

I'll write a review of the phone after a week. Right now, I'm still pushing it to its limits.

I bought this phone from Electroworld at Trinoma. In fairness, the staff there are really friendly and helpful. Inaasikaso talaga nila mga clients nila. Thumbs up.

Again, I have a new toy. A shiny new toy. I'm a happy camper. Merry Christmas to me!!!

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kysthine said...

baks baka gusto mong idonote yung ibang bb mo sakin? hehehe! I'm happy for you, nakita ko talga ang sparks sa yong mga mata when you saw the new bb=)