Monday, January 28, 2013

Arguments and Realizations

I haven't really blogged about it (but I will soon) but Gregory and I went to Baguio during the first week of December. He met my friends, except Lyve who was in La Union at that time taking care of her baby.

All of my friends asked him the same question, 'has he ever seen me get mad'.

I had half a mind to hit my friends.

Gregory and I have been dating for almost a year now and yet we've never had any real fights. We argue sometimes, he gets annoyed at me or I get annoyed at him. But we've never fought.

I think the biggest argument we had was when we were in SM North and I was hungry. When I'm hungry, I tend to be a bigger bitch than usual. He asked me where I wanted to eat and I spat back at him.

I apologized to him afterwards when I realized how crass I was.

If you're wondering what's our secret? Why we dont fight?

We talk.

That's it. We talk about it. We don't let things blow out of proportion. Since I'm usually the hot tempered one, he waits for me to calm down and tells me that he didn't like what I did or what I said. I admit, most of arguments start because of me.

But yeah, we talk. I told him that we should never sleep without settling an argument. This is something a friend of mine taught me a few years ago. To be perfectly honest, it works.

I am surprised he can stand me. I can't even stand me sometimes.

So to all other couples out there, remember, talk to your partner. Wait for emotions to go down if you have to. Don't bottle everything inside. That's never a good thing.

Over the years and past relationships I've had, there are a few things I learned. As humans, we tend to be irrational when anger clouds our better judgement. We say things we don't really mean or do things we can't take back. One has to step down from his high horse for a moment because two heads clashing won't bring about anything good.

Learn from the mistakes you made before. We've all been hurt at some point but it's that pain that makes us appreciate the one we're with now. Just like us, they've been hurt too so love your partner in a way that the previous one never could.

And may you have the happy ending you heart oh so desires :)


Jei Son said...

Communication is realy the bridge to settle the gap

sin at work said...

that's nice, it's good that you settle fights before even sleeping.
i'll make sure to do that with whoever's gonna be the next. lol