Friday, February 25, 2011

For The Love Of Poi!

Seems just like yesterday I started Poi Dancing. Has it really been 3 years? Haaay. I remember nung nagstastart ako. I had no teacher. I practiced alone. YouTube was my bestfriend during that time. I remember the numerous times the Poi would hit my head, my back, my arms, and places that should only be handled with care.

I remember how I used to teach my friends. I also taught some people for a certain price. Yes, nagturo din ako ng fire dancing sa Baguio noon. 

Since I got my Flowlights, I decided to show you my collection of Poi. A true Poi dancer is never contented with one pair. Or two. Or three. 

These we're my first pair. They came from Davao. There's a group of FireDancers in Davao and they sell fabric poi. Eto ang ginagamit ko noong naguumpisa ako. Guess what? Pebbles and laman nung Poi head. Imaginin niyo nalang kung gano kasakit mahampas sa ulo niyan. Ang dami kong bukol nun.

These were my second pair. I bought them from a friend of mine who's from Planet Zips. These are called Catingkas and they are very light. Kakatuwa gamitin.

Since the tail of the Catingkas were detachable, I had more tails made hehe.

These are my glow poi. Ok naman kaso ang daling madumihan nung white na lalagyan niya. Ang problema ko lang dito eh ang mahal ng battery. Alam niyo bang bang isang libo ang batterya ng lintek na mga bolang yan. And as in nagiging super dim pag mahina na yung battery. Kalurks ah.

These are considered as sock poi. Made form net with a tennis ball inside, these are perfect for beginners. Though medyo masakit pag tinamaan ka nung ball lalo na kung tinamaan ka sa balls. Ohhhh they glow under UV lights

These are my fire zips. 

Hindi ko naman na sigurong kelangan magkwento tungkol dito diba?! I remember dati eh naiingit ako sa mga Poi Dancers na may ganito. Tapos lagi kong tinitignan to online wondering kung kelan ako magkakaroon ng ganito. Ayun, meron na ahihihi.

For my Poi, I prefer double-loop handles because they're easier to use saka mas maganda kung hawak ko sa poi pag ganito eh.

 Some of my Poi come in cute pouches like these. At least mas madaling itabi diba?

Ayan ang collection ko ng Poi. Adik lang no?


Anonymous said...

Haha.. ang dami. Poi Dancer ka pala. Paturo nlng... hehe Keep it up. bihira ang mga sumasayaw ng ganyan.

Parker said...

adik! cant wait to go to baguio pa..

Anonymous said...

hi just want to know where did you get those poi's and zips.... interested.... -.-

Adam said...

Some of them I had made, some I bought from Planetzips. The fire poi were bought in bora. The double tailed were bought in davao. The rest were bought from the US.