Friday, February 18, 2011

Bookworm! That's Me!

Dahil sweldo ngayon, after shift dumeretso ako sa Trinoma para bilhin ang mga librong gusto ko. Ganito kasi, under renovation ang PowerBooks at dahil dun, naka sale sila. As in major major sale.

Nakakatuwa kasi if you pay 700 and above you get this tote bag which is so much better to carry around than a regular plastic or paper bag. So I spent about 30 minutes there, and finally I was able to get the books I've always wanted. I was contemplating on buying the set of Percy Jackson books but I changed my mind.

So I bought One More Day by Mitch Albom, Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, A Lion Among Men and Son Of A Witch by Gregory Maguire. In total I paid around 1400php. Cheap na diba?

I'm so freaking happy because finally I've completed all 3 books of the Wicked Series. After 10years kumpleto ko na.

Clearly my taste in books isn't stellar and some might even find it boring, eh ano naman? Eto nga yung mga trip kong basahin. I started with the thinnest which is One More Day. When I'm through with that, I'll start reading the Lost Symbol.

Growing up, one of the things I learned from my Mom is that books are always a good investment and that you can't put a price on them. Up to this day, I believe in that kaya pagdating sa mga libro, dedma sa gastos. I love sci-fi shows and I read a lot of books. I'm a nerd. I know.


Spiral Prince said...

I highly recommend Neil Gaiman! The Graveyard Book is particularly nice!

Adam said...

I actually read Neil Gaiman. The only problem is that the Neil Gaiman books on sale are books that I already have or I've already read. Too bad, I wanted to read Neverwhere but they didn't have it.

Lalaki Daw Po said...

wow.. naiinggit naman ako sa mga books mo.. gusto ko rin yan..