Friday, February 18, 2011

Starbucks Afternoon

I was going to meet Bongga, Ellaine, and Jelai in Trinoma but since my shift ended 2 hours earlier than them, I went ahead and told them to just text me when they got there.

I went book-shopping first and when I was done, I decided to stay at Starbucks while waiting for them. Now, whenever I'm at Starbucks, nagpapacute ako sa mga Barista hoping they would prioritize my order or add more chocolate chips or something that would benefit me at least.

"I want something cold, what can you recommend?", I innocently asked. Yes, I asked in english. May accent pa ah.

"Uhhhmm...with or without coffee?", asked the cute barista. Yes, in-english din ako.

"With coffee"

"Oh...uhhmm...Java chip"

"Alright. One venti and I want a three cheese and ham sandwich"

So I paid my tab and when the barista gave me my change, I smiled this ridiculously boyish smile.

The barista blushed and smiled back. Pa-virgin lang?

I took my coffee and my sandwich outside so that I could smoke as well. Since I had new books with me, I decided to crack one open and started reading.

After about 15 minutes, lumabas yung barista at may dalang cup. It was a tall cup. Akala ko naka-break siya. Lumapit siya sa table ko. By the way, I was seated in the middle so you can imagine how awkward that felt.

"Would you want to try our newest drink? It's hot chocolate.", tinanong ni barista.

I looked at the drink, it was topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

"Uhhm...sure", I answered. I tried to act as coy as possible.

"Here you go", sabay lapag nung cup sa table ko.

"Uhhm... aren't the cups for free tastes supposed to be smaller than this?", I asked a bit confused.

"Yup", sagot nung barista sabay ngiti tapos naglakad siya pabalik sa loob.

I was dumbfounded. As in shocked.

Lumingon ako, nakatingin si barista sa akin. Nakangiti. I smiled back.

By the way, have I mentioned that the barista was a SHE? In fairness, she was really pretty. Ang puti and mukhang angel. Artistahin ba.

Nakakatuwa, napagkamalan akong straight ni ate.


ilovestevenash said...

Mukha ka naman talagang straight. Tingnan mo nga yung pagkaganda-gandang babae e nabighani sayo. Napapaisip ka na ba?hehehehe. Lagot ka kay parker! hehehehe

khyzxhyren27 said...

kaloka..naloka akes ng bongaicious..hehehh! akalain mo yon? may gerlalet pa palang mahina umamoy,..heheheh! love it..