Sunday, February 20, 2011

When I Said Forever, I Meant It

Everyone says that the first 6 months of the relationship is the most crucial. I guess that it's true.

Over the past 6 months so much has happened. Both good and bad. Our patience has been tested so was our strength and commitment to one another. We can proudly say that we've managed to live through the first 6 months. Probationay period lang?

Seems just like yesterday that I met you. It started with a hello. Who'd have thought that out of the billions of people in this world, we'd have found each other at the most unexpected place and time.

Often times you'd ask me why I love you. Often times you'd ask me,

"Bakit mo ako mahal? Eh ganito lang naman ako"

Let me make a list of some of the reasons why I love you:

You don't mind meeting my parents. You're even excited, which makes me so happy.

You open the car door for me.

You make me smile without even trying.

You say I'm not fat eventhough I know I am.

You laugh at me when I fall yet at the same time you help me up and ask me if I'm ok.

You get along with my friends.

You let me show you off to the world.

You tickle me even if I tell you to stop because you know that secretly, I love it.

You listen intently to how my day went.

You let me sit in the middle of the car because the window is too far away.

You made me believe in falling once again.

These among other things are the reasons why I love you so much. I know I can be demanding and a nag and for that I'm sorry. It's just me saying that I miss you.

With you I have a friend, a bestfriend, a brother, a parent, a partner, a soulmate. With you I have a home. With you I have all that I could ever want and more. When I said that I would love you forever, I was dead serious.

I love you so much dad.

Happy Monthsary Parker.


Parker said...

now let me tell you the very simple reason why i love you, because you just never fail to put a smile on my face. every single day in that 6 months. with you im positive ill be wearing that smile for life. happy 6th pa. i love you forever..

iurico said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, tapos na ang balentayms! tama na! Inggit na akoooooooooo! haha

Happy 6th mensiversary sa inyong dalawa!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of U :)

Francine Morete said...

congratulations!!! hoping your love would get stronger as months and years pass by... have a great day!!! =)