Friday, April 1, 2011

Hingang Malalim

"So tell me something about yourself", said the tall man who stood 6'3'' or maybe more.

"Well, I'm Anton. I graduated with a degree in Communications. We had majors in Broadcasting, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising, and Journalism. To name a few. I've been working for about a year as a Poker/Gaming Rep", I answered.

A few days back, I had my final interview for a position that I applied for a week ago. It's been quite the ride for me because first I had to fix my resume the I had to go through an interview with HR before I got to the final. The thing was, I had to pass the previous ones to get this far.

When Madam HR received my resume and cover letter, she immediately e-mailed me.

"Change it. Make it creative. It looks boring kasi", she said.

Later on, I found out that the reason why she wanted me to change it was because the first stage of the application is Paper Screening. This means na titignan nila ang resume ko. Babasahin. Kung magustuhan nila, pasado na ako and go na sa initial interview.

My resume had to be something that would catch their attention, not just with what's written but by how it looks overall. Tama nga naman siya, sino ang maiintriga kung boring tignan ang isang bagay. Kaya nagphotoshop ako at ginawa kong bongga ang resume ko. Si Parker naman sa Cover Letter. A for effort.

Pumasa ako sa Paper Screening and had my initial interview with someone from HR. It was nerve wrecking, but at least her bubbly personality and sweet smile broke the tension and made everything easier. Matapos ang halos 30 minutes, natapos din ang interview. Two days later, sinabi na pumasa ako. Go na sa finale!

It was Wednesday. It was my final interview with two of the big bosses.

Halos isang oras din yung interview na yun, pero hindi ko napansin ang oras dahil sa totoo lang, I had fun. Ang sasaya nilang kausap. Puro tawanan at biruan. It was very casual. Of course they did ask me why I wanted the position and why would I be suitable for it.

Being me, I answered with complete confidence.

A few days from now, malalaman ko na kung ano ba ang desisyon nila. Kung ako o iba ang mas bet nila. The reason why I didnt blog about it was  because I didn't wanna jinx it. Eh ngayon tapos na ang final interview, ano pa ang majijinx diba?

Oh and my favorite part of the interview was this:

"How would you rate your fluency in english from one to te--"

"Ten", I answered without batting an eyelash.

"Oh. Cocky...I like it. Confident...Good!", said the interviewer and then he smiled.

I felt at ease after that.


ilovestevenash said...

Teh nag apply kang senior? Sa wakas pwede na... Good luck teh! Hamishooo!!! :)

Adam said...

Teh!!! I miss you so much na!!! Hanggang singapura pala abot ang blog ko. Havey. PM kita sa fezbuk or check mo blog ko sa monday. Popost ko ang finale.