Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Love Me

1. I am terrible at remembering some details. I'd forget your favorite color or food that you're allergic to. Baka nga year kung kelan ka pinanganak hindi ko pa maalala. Pati cellphone number mo, I won't be 100% sure about.

2. I always insist on what I want. I would argue for hours just to get what I want.

3. My temper is really short. As in sobrang bilis uminit ng ulo ko specially pag hindi clear ang sinabi mo sa akin. At pag galit ako, I am very irrational to the point na warla kung warla.

4. Kuripot ako. Period.

5. My standards are ridiculously high. I sometimes think that my standards are too high for my own good.

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