Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who knew?

Who ever knew that on some weirdass level I could draw something that isn't a stick figure or some monstrous deformed shape. I sure as hell didn't. Well here's what happened. During Lent, while all those weird religious freaks punish themselves by whipping themselves or nailing themselves to a big cross or starve themselves for days, I try to do something I've never done before. Last year, I tried on taking a full time job thus me landing that job in PeopleSupport.

So this year I thought what can I do that I haven't done yet. I checked out the website and thats when it hit me, I should learn how to draw. It has always been my frustration so this would have been the perfect time to start.

Now these sketches are all about angels (dont ask why). All of them are unfinished but I promised my bestfriend Jackie that I would upload them so she could see them. I'll upload the final ones when they are done. Now I just started so ease down on the lambasting. Im not even close to what Reuben or Ralph(good friends) could do coz those two are AMAZING.

*It was probably the angle the picture was taken but the head doesnt really look that small. I still need to add his wings*

*I still need to add the shadows and whatnots*

Les Femme Nephilim
*My very first Angel. Inspired from someone. Guess who. I need to change the feathers coz they look like bird feathers.*

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