Friday, April 3, 2009

Things I cannot live without

Im bored so I decided to list down the things I cannot live without for my own entertainment.

1. My phone(s)
I cannot leave the house without my phone. I cannot go anywhere without my phone. Everything is on my phone. My schedule, documents, music, videos, contacts, e-mails, messenger. Ahhh the joys of having a PDA phone. So If I lose my phone, I loose practically everything since I dont really backup any of my files.

2. Money
Do I need to elaborate on this one?

3. My Computer
My complete collection of TV Shows, Movies and Songs are on my PC. So not having a PC is a big no no for me.

4. Internet Connection
Give me someone who doesn't have the need for Internet Connection?! Most likely its someone who wont be reading my blog.

5. Ipod
Music on the go. Im a music junkie so I need my Ipod specially when I travel.

I love taking pictures and thanks to my mom I got a Canon 1000D for christmas which I have officialy added to the list of things I cannot live without.

7. Fried Chicken
The time chickens go extinct, so will I.

8. Tarot Cards
It was very hard for me to find my Raider-Waite Tarot Deck and I bring it with me everytime I travel. Because of that deck, I have met wonderful people who became my friends. Right Chiara?

9. My Obsession with Wicked
I am obsessed with Wicked deal with it.

10. Poi
Whether it be my fire poi or fabric poi, I cant live without them. I cant even leave the house without them. Ask my friends.

11. My DVD Collection
Yes! My huge DVD collection of movies, anime, and series. I dont usually lend out my DVD's because when I do, they rarely come back.

12. Books
I spend a lot on books. Seriously.My most expensive set would be my Harry Potter Collection and next would be my Vampire Chronicles collection.

13. TV
I have to have a TV where I live. Its part of my nature to watch TV for hours and hours a day.

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