Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guess where I went

Hello dear readers. Im still on vacation. This time we went to a place WAAAY down south. Im not telling where. This place looks nice but its expensive as hell. Plus the water is soooo hot. They say that its therapeutic or something. The above pic is where we're staying. Its nice because of the privacy you get. And the people are friendly which is something I dont see everyday.
Funny story, last night I was night swimming with my cousin Kino (the guy waving in the picture) when we met this guy who works at Makati. When Im with my cousin I speak in filipino so I could learn much better. All my friends in baguio are english speakers and they also speak japanese. The guy we were talking to said that I am 'barok' when talking in tagalog. So I asked my cousin what the hell did 'barok' mean. He said that its obvious that I dont speak filipino, its like carabao english but tagalog. So its carabao tagalog?! hahaha. Well Im leaving tomorrow. Going back to Manila then God knows where afterwards.

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