Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Vacation for me. Its lent.

Thank God its lent. More vacation time for me. I haven't posted anything interesting in a while I know because im still enjoying my vacation. Next week Im going to __________. Sorry can't say where. Its a place where it'll be harder to contact me. LOL.

By the way, I was playing with my phone and I found out that I can block calls. So I set it up and made sure that the only person who can call me would be my mom. Looks like I dont have to place my phone in flight mode anymore. So if any of you try to call me and you hear a busy tone or the call drops even before it rings, that means my phones block feature is active. Its not that I dont want to talk to anyone, I just dont want to be disturbed that much.

I still received text messages from everyone so sms away. So time for more fun under the sun. I'll be posting from time to time. Most likely Wicked or Poi stuff.

To my friends

Lyve: If you do decide to go, text me and I'll add you on the list of those who can call me.

Reuben: I will give you the sketchpad when I get back to baguio. By the way I have an account on Im trying to draw angel and devil wings.

Jacky: Go online for the love of God. I dont load my phone up when Im on vacation.

Ezekiel: Remind me about the Bt'x DVDs when Im about to go to baguio.

Mike: I dont think I'll be dying my hair silver any time soon. LOL.

and to the rest. Enjoy your vacation.

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