Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Demonoid Account Anyone?

For all of you downloaders like me who usually relies on torrents I've got a treat for you. If you really are a hardcore torrent downloader, you would know that there are A LOT of good shit on Demonoid.com that you could not find on other torrent sites plus they have really high seeding members there so downloads would be done in a flash but its a members-only site and memberships are exclusively given to very few.

Lucky for you all, yours truly has been an active member for years. You can only become a member through two ways. 1.) You stumble upon the site when they open the registration which they do once a year or 2.) have a member send you the invitation code so you could join. Now this is a once in a lifetime deal so I suggest you take it while the offer stands.

I will give the invitation code to anyone who asks for it given that you leave a comment asking for it. Leave your name and e-mail address in the comment plus a message requesting for it. That easy huh?! Is there a catch? The catch is that I will only send out the invitation code until May 31, 2009.

If you're all wondering why I'm feeling generous... blame my very long vacation. So remember to just leave a comment and you got yourself an exclusive invitation to be a member of Demonoid.com.

Happy Downloading everyone!


Anonymous said...

Could You send me an invitation code for demonoid davidmonroy86@hotmail.com thnx

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam! please consider me for a Demonoid invitation. My hobby is magic and I noticed that are several magicians who are active. I would love to share my files with my fellow presdigitators.



Weezard said...

Hi Adam! Please consider me for a Demonoid invite. My hobby is magic, and I have noticed that there are severral magicains who are active. I would love to be able to share my files with them. And it's my birthday.


Anonymous said...

The end date you listed is in the past, but it looks like this was only just posted today?

I would really like a demonoid account so I'll post for the hell of it. I'm using my throwaway email in case this is a scam, but it is an actual email address (naughty word warning): cockfaggot@fuckshitpussyfuck.com

jorge said...

Awesome ive been looking for this for ages
thank you so much dude

Anonymous said...

hi Adam. I need a invitation code.
my name is George and my e-mail is jag_2962@yahoo.es.

Thank you very much.

Adam said...

I already sent the emails. Again please put your name. Since 2 people did not include their names, I sent them a template message. And George is your email incomplete? I place a .com on the end so it would send. Kindly comment back if there are any changes needed.

Anonymous said...

Hello i would really love to get a demonoid account! I would be very grateful! please consider me for one
my email is i.mthirsty@hotmail.com
My name is renei
Thank you very much in advance!

Wes45 said...

I'd love for you to send me an invitation code! my email:


Thank you very much!

Wes45 said...

Just in case that email doesn't work. I also have a hotmail!


Once again thank you!

Wes45 said...

Hey Adam its me Wesly! I came here to tell you that I have successfully made an account on Demonoid. I'd like to say thank you very much for giving me an invitation code. I really appreatiate this. Once again thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam. I would love a demoid invitation. Thanks.


Bill said...

Hi Adam. Please send me a Demonoid invitation. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hello Adam,

Could you please send me a demonoid invitation? I sure do appreciate it.

my email address is


Anonymous said...

I would love a demonoid invite. Thank you!


Sora said...

Hi, Adam! I stumbled onto your blog post by luck. I would appreciate it so much if you would consider me for an invite. My email is ryuuuzaki [at] hotmail.com. Thanks for your time :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam-

I've been hunting for a demonoid account for a while- Would *greatly* appreciate an invite code:)

callingshotgun @ gmail.com