Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its Vacation Time

Its Summer time which means its time for a long vacation on my part. I wanna take summer classes but there's nothing left for me to take so I am treating myself to a long vacation. The sun, the beach, the air... Well thank God that my phone has a flight mode option. Normally when I'm on vacation, I switch my phone off so I could cut myself off from the world. The hassle is I switch my phone on when I need something coz my phone has my schedule and what-not in it. But thanks to flight mode, I can turn off the phones reception thus blocking calls or sms. The only person who can contact me on vacation is my mom coz she knows all my numbers and she knows that even though I switch my main phone off, my second phone is always on coz very few people know that number and those people are the ones who are unlikely to disturb me. So cheers and lets all enjoy summer. Be back with a new post in a couple of days or so.

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