Monday, September 10, 2012

Reef Walking

When Gregory asked me what I wanted to do in Bora, the first thing I said was Reef Walking. I don't care about paraw sailing or kite surfing or banana boat riding. I wanted to swim with the fishes :)

Plus, I knew that Gregory loves looking at fishes and I was sure he would love this.

We managed to find this guy outside the hotel offering activities around the island and they had Reef Walking. Yey!!!

It was actually pretty cheap. We paid 400php each and we were underwater for 30 minutes, plus it came with a CD that had pictures and shit.

They taught us how to de-pressurize and shit which was something I already knew how to do.

If we were under the water for 30 minutes, I was singing 'Under the Sea' and 'Part Of Your World' for 30 minutes :)

Here's Gregory trying to kick me underwater.

OH MY GOD!!! It's Nemo!!!

While they were burning the disc, I asked the guy manning the boat if it was safe for me to swim around and he said it was. Gregory didn't join me because he doesn't really know how to swim.

To sum it up, we had so much fun underwater. There's just something about being underwater that's so relaxing. The next time I find myself in Bora, I'm gonna go walk and swim with the fishes again.

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