Monday, September 10, 2012

Nina Unleashed!

Gregory likes listening to the songs of Nina. He actually has her albums, scary I know. When he found out that she had a show, he asked me if I wanted to go watch.

I used to listen to Nina when I was in college. In fairness, I like her naman but I'm not that big of a fan. I told him I didn't mind and we could make it a date night.

Natuwa naman siya.

The show was at Metro Bar in West Ave and it's a good thing I've been there before so getting there was a no-brainer.

The show was scheduled to start at 8PM. Completely forgetting the concept of 'Filipino-Time', we were there on time. So 8PM the hosts were on stage, comedy bar queens, entertaining everyone. After an hour, there were some kids who came out to perform. I guess they were the front act or something.

I went out for a smoke because it was unbearable for me. Medyo hindi kinakaya ng ear drums ko eh.

It was already 10:30PM and the Soul Siren hasn't come out yet.

"This bitch better deliver because we've been here for almost 3 hours and I'm getting annoyed" I told Gregory.

He just smiled at me.

Nina came out at around 11:00. Finally!

To be fair to her, she's still got it. The pipes on this woman, oh my god. Effortless and high notes. 

She excused herself and let some guy named Kristofferson or something sing. Naturally, I went out to smoke. Kiber ko dyan.

She came back out wearing this white ensemble. Maganda yung damit in fairness. She sang a total of 12 songs I think. Not bad narin.

When she sang her last song, people asked for more. She sang her infamous rendition of 'Through The Fire' and oh my, she slayed it. Parang yung audience pa ang na-ihi para sa kanya dahil sa taas ng notes na naabot niya.

It brought me back to my college days when I used to listen to her music. Like most people, pag heartbroken ako noon, ang theme song ng buhay ko ay 'Someday'. Oh diba?

Her dressing room was near the stage and Gregory wanted to have his picture taken with her. Nakipagpicture-picture narin ako. No one pass judgement!

I was annoyed at the fact that we had to wait for 3 hours but I must admit, I enjoyed the show. I guess, the long wait was worth it. In fairness sa kanya, she's really good live.

Overall, I had a good time. I wouldn't mind watching her show again. The only comment I have is sana she sang more songs from her Dianne Warren album. Yun lang.

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