Monday, September 10, 2012

Around Ilocos Norte

Considering my dad's family is from Ilocos, I haven't really been around the 'tourist' spots in the province. But since I was with Gregory, my dad took us around.

It was a family trip I guess. It was me, Gregory, my dad, my step-mom and my three siblings.

This is the light tower in the northern part of Ilocos. They said that it still works until now.

Entrance to the tower.

This is the light tower but no one is allowed to go in. In fairness, this is in a really high place and ang lakas ng hangin dito. Sa laki kong to, feeling ko liliparin ako. Ganun kalakas yung hangin.

The Bangui wind mills.

The windmills were so cool.

We walked around the beach. Gregory and my siblings were picking rocks.

The entire trip from Laoag to Bangui, Gregory was playing games with my siblings inside the van. I was trying to sleep. Sabi ni Papa (in Ilokano): "Okay siya ha. Makulit din pala."

So may stamp of approval na mula sa tatay ko?! Ansabeee?!

Oo na. Ako na ang masaya. :D


aboutambot said...

makikisaya na din ako haha (feeling close lng)

Adam said...

Keri lang. Dapat happy lahat. Para may world peace. Meh ganon?!