Monday, September 10, 2012

Leaving The Island

We only spent 3 days in Bora because it was a long weekend. When I woke up, Gregory had bread and coffee. He usually wakes up before I do but that's because he goes to sleep first.

So we packed our shit and left at around 8AM. It was kinda annoying that the day we were leaving was the day the sun decided to come out. The sea was calm as well :|

While we were on the boat on the way to Caticlan, I snapped some photos. These islands look really cool. I'd love to visit them next time. Also, the water was crystal clear.

From Caticlan, we took a van going to Kalibo. We were early. We got there at 10 and our flight was at around 11:30AM so we decided to have an early lunch at this restaurant near the airport.

This is the view from where we were sitting.

While waiting for the plane to leave.

Boarding the plane. I must say, my phone takes good photos ah.

When we arrived in Manila, we went to my house first to rest.

The trip was a spontaneous thing and I am so glad we did it. Escaping from the busy city life was good for us. We had so much fun and being by the beach with each other was the best way to spend our vacation. Even though it was only for 3 days, it was magical, for the lack of a better word.

This was the first of many trips Gregory and I will take. Where will we go off to next? I don't know. Who knows where our crazy antics would take us. All I know is, when I'm him with, I'm happy and make a lot of memories with him. I'm happier than I've ever been. It's one of the reasons why I love him. He makes me feel happy and loved everyday. (To the tone of Charlotte from Sex and The City The Movie) Not all day, everyday. But yeah, everyday. :D


sin at work said...

awwwwww :)
yes, it's good to be spontaneous. gosh, i wish someone would just take me to places on a whim (well, someone who's my romantic interest AND when my schedule's not occupied that is, lol)

nice! i've been to Bora for 2 nights, but it was with my parents, so medyo.... haha lol

anyway here's to more journeys with Gregory. cheers!

Adam said...

Yeah it feels great. Nandyan din siya wait ka lang.

Buti napadaan ka dito. 10 years akong hindi nakapagudate ng blog haha.

aboutambot said...

naalala ko ang Let's Make a Memory in Rex Smith sa inyo...

anyway ang ganda ng mga pictures lalo na un sa rice field. halatang inspired ang photographer 9feeling close lng)

sin at work said...

hay naku Adam, kung sino man yun ang tagal tagal dumating, naligaw ata, or since madami ako kamukha eh sa iba napunta? haha charot :D

ah matagal ka na ba di naka-update? ako din matagal na mga 20 years lol :D