Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manila Ocean Park

Last December 5, the family and I went to Manila Ocean Park. It was our first time there.

This is the second Ocean Park I've been to. First one was Ocean Park Hong Kong last year.

Manila Ocean Park is much smaller. My mom was right, you'll only appreciate Manila Ocean Park if haven't been to any other Ocean Parks. Although I must admit, I really enjoyed the tunnel thing where you could see the fishes swimming above you. 

That is the one thing Ocean Park Hong Kong doesn't have.

Here's the line for admission.

I had no idea what this was but the line was fucking long.

There was this big ass Christmas Tree.

And this kinda sosyal chandelier. The pictures actually don't do them justice, these look much better in person.

While I was walking in the tunnel, I was mesmerized by the fishes swimming above me. I was tempted to belt out Part Of Your World from the Little Mermaid but I restrained myself. Baka layasan ako ng nanay ko at magkunwaring hindi niya ako kilala hahaha.

The sharks were at the bottom of the tank. I don't know why. Pagod?

I wasn't able to take any more pictures. It was too dark and they didn't allow flash photography. The jellyfish were also nice.

Overall, there were parts I enjoyed but there were times when I was also bored that I wanted to go out and smoke.

It was a fun day though because I was able to spend time with my family.

It's those small things that I enjoy the most.

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