Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blackberry Again!

For about two weeks now I've been using a Blackberry. Again. I had to give my iPhone to Globe to have it repaired kasi yung kaisa-isang pindutan niya, nasira pa. Ilang months na nagloloko yun but it got worse to the point where I'd really have to press it hard just so that it would respond.

Me bringing my iPhone to Globe couldn't have come at a better time because my mom just got a new Blackberry so she offered to give me her old one.

This is actually my third Blackberry so I had no problems shifting from the iPhone. I still have my first Blackberry hidden somewhere in my room. My second one is also with me but my mom said she'll get it. I dont know why pero sige lang since I really have no use for it.

When I got my Blackberry, I changed my data plan from Supersurf to Blackberry Max so that I could use the Blackberry Internet Service of my phone. Ironically, the Blackberry Max plan only costs half the price of Supersurf. Well thats a huge amount off my monthly bill.

After several calls to Globe and about 3 hours put in, I finally got everything to work on my Blackberry. One thing I noticed though, compared to the apps of the iPhone, BB apps have limited  features which probably explains why it loads stuff much faster on Facebook and Twitter.

One thing I love about the Blackberry is BBM. I can't get enough of it and I'm glad that a lot of my friends are BB users. Ka-bbm ko sila lagi.

So there, Im back to being a BB user for the time being.

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