Monday, March 14, 2011

Teacher Teacher!

A couple of days ago, I found one of my teachers in high school on Facebook. I sent her a message after I was sure that it was her. Syempre siguraduhin ko diba? Mamaya ibang tao pala eh warlahin pa ako.

So ayun nga, nag message ako sa fezbuk.

I was surprised yesterday when I got to work. I opened my Facebook as I normally do and I saw a friend request from her. Eh syempre magiinarte pa ba ako, eh di inaccept ko agad. Her name is Glenda Guillamon but she goes by Glenda Bernardo now. She's married now because her last name is different na.

Bigla siyang nag-IM at ayun, nagkwekwentuhan kami buong umaga. Dedma kung may work ako. Kesehodang may ginagawa ako at bawal mag facebook sa pc ko. Buti nalang may facebook sa phone ko.

I was happy that she still remembers me considering I was her student about 9 years ago. She told me what she remembers about me. She was right on the money hahaha.

Its funny because I've had hundreds of teachers my whole life but I remember only a few. Those few are those who made quite an impression on me. The reason I remember her is because though she would normally scold me for being too noisy or rowdy in class, she'd always push me to do my best specially in writing.

Naalala ko may kasalanan ako sa kanya noon. Exams noon tapos pinacheck niya sa akin ang test papes ng mga higher years, eh since nagreview ako pag uwi eh hindi ko natapos i-check exams nila. When I told her the next day na hindi ko natapos, I thought she would get mad pero hindi naman. It was fine with her.

Masaya ako na friends na kami sa fezbuk. I rarely accept friend requests from people from my old school for the simple reason that I do not remember most of them.

When I checked her FB profile in the aftenoon I saw this:

‎"Just had a very extraordinary day... gave me a feeling of fulfillment in the profession I am into...tnx to my former student at SVS, Anton... tnx for all the nice words you wrote... now I can truly say "I am a teacher!"

I was touched by this. Its funny because back then, she was one of the few who believed in me. One of those few who saw potential in me. One day i'll tell her about the things I've achieved over the past few years and I will proudly tell her, 

"You were one of the reasons I have this list.  You were one of the reasons I tried to do better. You were one of those who inspired me to get out of my box and do more than what I thought I could do. Thank you."

So Ma'am, I am glad that I was able to re-connect with you. Thank you for believing in me before. It meant a lot.

And would you believe it, she reads my blog pala! Havey!

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